At Wellington Zoo, we are the zoo with the biggest heart: a creative, innovative and progressive zoo.

We are a team of powerfully passionate individuals who are champions for the welfare of all animals - within and beyond the boundaries of the Zoo. We are supported by a community that actively takes part in our commitment to caring for and saving species locally, nationally and globally.

We are guided by our kaupapa, Me Tiaki, Kia Ora! We must look after our environment, so all things will flourish. It is up to us collectively to make a difference for animals and the wild places they call home. 

Wellington Zoo Strategy

Oranga - A Healthy Organisation

Oranga creates the foundation for our Zoo Strategy and enables us to achieve the four pillars:

Whānau, Tinana, Hinengaro and Wairua


As Wellington Zoo Tangata we:

  • Celebrate and support the diversity of our Zoo whānau
  • Engage with our people to support a happy, healthy and safe workplace
  • Commit to outstanding daily visitor care
  • Improve and maintain the physical assets
  • Support the success of our people
  • Meet all legal and compliance requirements
  • Integrate Te Ao Māori within the Zoo
  • Model values aligned behaviours
  • Use data driven decision making
  • Sustain financial success

Whānau - Our Role

Inspired by Tanē we protect our planet by:

  • Setting aspirational sustainability targets based on our chosen SDGs

  • Retaining net carbon zero certification through climate action 

  • Engaging our community and stakeholders with climate impact actions 

Tinana - Our Animals

Inspired by Tangaroa we care for our animals by:


  • Science based animal welfare practices so the animals are happy
  • World leading animal care so the animals live their best lives
  • Strategic species planning for our site and staff expertise

Hinengaro - Our Purpose

Inspired by Tū we save wildlife and wild places by:

  • Recognition and involvement of the Zoo’s conservation expertise

  • Effective field partnerships for long term conservation outcomes

  • Focused investment in conservation innovations

Wairua - Our Community

Inspired by Rongo we strengthen community support and action by:

  • Maintaining access to the Zoo for all community members through IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) initiatives including community partnerships

  • Maintain the Zoo’s good reputation and engagement with our community through strategic communications, both on and off site

  • Engaging, message driven conservation education-based visitor experiences to build community action

Our values - Manaakitanga

Welcome to our wild party!

He whānau kotahi tātou

Wellington Zoo is a fun and exciting place, full of helpful, creative and energetic people! We create a sense of belonging for visitors, staff and stakeholders and we want everyone to join our wild party.

We’re a voice to be heard

Ka rongo te pō, ka rongo te ao

At Wellington Zoo, we’re good at what we do – we’re capable, smart, and we love to share our passion with others and inspire them to join us to create a better future for wildlife. 

We punch above our weight

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa takitini

At Wellington Zoo, we’re ambitious, daring and we’re successful. We like to challenge the status quo by aiming high and trying new things. 

We have a strong furry green heart

Me manawanui

We love and care for animals, the environment and each other. We’re here to protect the environment for animals and the future by bringing our community with us. We’re loyal to the cause!