What is Bush Builders?

Our award-winning Bush Builders environmental literacy programme helps urban students discover for themselves the wonder of the world around them, in their own schools and homes, and to empower them to take positive action in their own communities.

Since Bush Builders began in 2007, we have helped more than 4,000 Wellington students get their hands dirty to help increase the city’s biodiversity one garden, bird house or lizard lair at a time! 

How does it work?

Our Bush Builders Educator will work with you to identify how Bush Builders supports Nature of Science and the Living World learning objectives. 

The programme involves three phases.

Phase one

We start with launch activities at Wellington Zoo. Kids will participate in uniquely designed hands-on activities to get them thinking about the living world around them. 

Phase two

Our Bush Builders Educator visits your school. Kids can ask questions like a scientist and take the lead to survey biodiversity in their school backyard.

Phase three

Students decide on their conservation action by learning to make connections and to help animals in the wild. From building gardens to bird houses, school conservation actions can take whatever form fits best for your school environment.

What resources are available?

We support teachers and learners with a Bush Builders activity book as well as a science resource kit to help create in-depth learning experiences throughout your participation. 

We can also provide eco-sourced native plants to the schools for their conservation actions.

Get involved in Bush Builders

To get your class involved, contact our Learning Team for more information.